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Business telephony from DID Global helps you save 60% of your budget by eliminating roaming charges. Trust levels increase when customers receive a call from a prestigious number in their home country.


We utilize a robust communications infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly. Virtual PBX for the sales department allows you to work smoothly and consistently.


With VoIP service, your company becomes as accessible to your customers as possible. You won't miss a single call from potential customers and won't lose money thanks to intelligent routing functions.


DID Global scales according to the size of your business and your business strategy. The result of working with us: rapid expansion, entry into new markets, more customers, and more profits."

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Transparent pricing model: for a fixed user fee, you will get access to all features of our telecommunication services, calls, and SMS. This is the most favorable IP telephony offer for home and office.


You can monitor call quality in real-time and make informed decisions using our analytics to improve your business performance and implement new growth strategies.

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Virtual (DID)

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IP Phone Service for your Business

Transform your sales team, increase customer retention, and improve the customer experience with DID Global.

Call Center

Telephony for Call Center - the key to effective communication between operators and customers, provides automatic routing, call recording and improves service levels

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Insurance companies

IP telephony for insurance companies is an essential tool for your business for convenient communication, personalized support, and improved security.

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IT businesses

Business telephony for IT companies - fast internal and external communication, important alerts, and information security, in particular two-factor authentication.

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Эффективность VoIP на примере страховой компании


Эффективность VoIP на примере страховой компании


Эффективность VoIP на примере страховой компании


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Quick answers to your questions

What is VoIP, and why should my company consider it for communications?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to transmit voice information over the Internet. Using voip telephony in Ukraine and abroad allows you to reduce telephony costs, improve the quality of communication and expand the possibilities of effective communication inside and outside the company.

What are the benefits of using SMS service for business and how does it differ from other forms of communication?

Bulk texting allows you to send quick and effective messages to customers, employees, or partners. It is characterized by its simplicity, speed, and wide audience reach, helping businesses reach their target audience faster.

Why is SIP Trunk an important component to improve telephony efficiency and economy?

SIP Trunk allows you to optimize telephony by combining voice traffic through digital signals over the Internet. This improves call quality and allows for more efficient use of the telephony infrastructure, resulting in cost savings.

How can DID numbers improve the organization of communications and interaction with customers?

DID numbers allow you to create individual numbers for each employee or department, facilitating communication and promoting personalized service for each customer. Not to mention that calling from the phone number of the country where the customer lives reduces the process of non-dialing and raises the answer rate.

What is a virtual PBX and how does it help optimize internal communications in your business?

A virtual PBX is a system that provides incoming and outgoing call processing, routing, and communication management within a company. It improves productivity and staff coordination, making communications more organized.

What are the main advantages of using SIP Trunk over traditional phone systems?

SIP telephony allows voice traffic to be transmitted over the Internet, resulting in significant savings on telephony costs, increased scalability, and better call quality.

How long does it take to set up and implement all telecommunication services from DID Global?

The time to set up and implement our service depends on the specific needs and size of your business, but typically the process takes anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

Why should I choose your company for SMS service over other providers?

Our company is characterized by high-quality service, flexibility in customizing services to meet specific customer needs, and competitive rates, making our service the best choice for many businesses.

How can using DID numbers improve the global reach of my business?

Using DID numbers allows your business to create a localized presence in different regions of the world, making it easier for customers to connect with you.

How can Virtual PBX and SIP Trunk work together to provide a convenient and reliable business communications system?

The combined use of Virtual PBX and SIP Trunk allows you to optimize communications, providing flexibility, high quality, and efficiency of internal and external communications for your business.

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