IP Phone Service for your Business

Transform your sales team, increase customer retention, and improve the customer experience with DID Global.

Call Center

Telephony for Call Center — the key to effective communication between operators and customers, provides automatic routing, call recording and improves service levels

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VOIP and SMS for financial companies - effective communication with customers, security, and convenience of service through voice and text communication.

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Insurance companies

IP telephony for insurance companies is an essential tool for your business for convenient communication, personalized support, and improved security.

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IP telephony for logistics provides efficient communication, route planning, and information accuracy for supply chain management.

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Retail Trade

Virtual IP telephony for retail provides effective customer interaction and engagement through notifications and voice.

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Delivery services

IP telephony for courier services provides voice communication and customer information to optimize the delivery process. It increases efficiency, and accuracy in the process.

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IT businesses

Business telephony for IT companies - fast internal and external communication, important alerts, and information security, in particular two-factor authentication.

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Sales Department

Sales telephony plays a key role in the operation of a business by providing efficient voice communication and sending important messages.

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Marketing agency

IP telephony for advertising agencies solves communication and audience alerting tasks through VoIP consultation and instant advertising messages via SMS.

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Virtual (DID) numbers  

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