Call from anywhere to anywhere with a VoIP number

Virtual number is a phone number, which is displayed to the receiving customer in the same way as usual phone number.
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Worldwide communications in your pocket

The main difference from network operators is omission of specific localization and location.

You could connect VoIP number from anywhere and use as primary or secondary for commercial and personal purposes.

In addition to receiving phone calls virtual numbers allow sending messages and access to a variety of messengers.

How can virtual numbers be displayed to your customers?

Numbers 0800 or 8800
Calls to these numbers are absolutely free of charge, which makes them a perfect choice for call centres and big companies.
Region numbers
Possibility to connect these numbers from the cities and countries you are working with, that opens to your business advantages to direct and convenient communication.
Phone numbers
+38(062) 111-11-11
You may buy or rent new numbers as well as convert already existing numbers in SIP format.

How does a virtual number work and why your customers won't even notice the difference?

  1. Customer call: The customer makes a call to your virtual number;
  2. Virtual service provider: The call is first received by your virtual number provider;
  3. Call forwarding: The provider forwards the call to a device you have specified, for example, to a virtual PBX server;
  4. Call forwarding scheme: The call follows the forwarding scheme you have set up, which allows you to control how and to which employee it will be transferred;
  5. Manager reception of the call: Your employee receives the call and communicates with the customer.

Thus, a virtual number not only simplifies the work of your call handling team, but also guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction thanks to efficient and fast communication.

This whole process takes only a fraction of a second and is absolutely invisible to the subscriber, ensuring continuity and quality of communication.

In what cases it is useful to buy a virtual number?

If your business serves customers from different cities and countries, virtual numbers allow you to communicate with them using local numbers without having to establish offices in each region.
With a virtual PBX, you can set up automatic call forwarding of calls from a specific region directly to the manager or department dealing with that region.
Virtual numbers are perfect for companies with intensive in-house communications, such as logistics, delivery services, taxi or food delivery.
They simplify the creation of an intercom network and ensure convenient communication both with customers and between employees.
Thanks to SIP numbers, your company can use the same numbers for different cities and countries, as they are not geographically bound.ย 
This makes it possible to hire employees from different regions without changing the usual numbers.
Virtual numbers become an essential tool for teams that work remotely or have employees in other cities.
Managers and operators can work from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet, without being tied to an office or landline.

Why virtual numbers are a modern business necessity:

  • Improved service and increased sales: With a stable connection, your team is always connected, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and increasing the chances of repeat sales.
  • Cost savings: Implementing DID numbers significantly reduces your communication budget compared to local operators. Personalised numbers for employees reduce budget costs.
  • Status Enhancement: Having international numbers not only increases the credibility of your brand, but also reinforces its image as a global player.
  • Optimise team performance: Work and manage remotely without geographical restrictions and simplify internal communication.
  • International expansion: Expedited entry into new markets without unnecessary costs and instant connectivity, increasing brand presence.

DID numbers are turning geographical and communication barriers into opportunities to grow and develop your business.

An obligatory requirement for connection is the presence of local documents, which, if necessary, will be able to pass verification.

Multichannel telephony for your business from DID Globalย 

We create a complete telephony solution suitable for businesses of any size and line of business. Our offer includes:

Our multi-channel telephony solution provides flexibility, usability and communication efficiency, making your business more accessible to customers and cohesive internally.

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Quick answers to your questions

How can DID numbers help my business?

DID numbers, or as they are also called, virtual numbers, facilitate better communication by providing professionalism, easier customer access, geographic flexibility, call analytics, scalability, additional features, and efficient cost, making them useful for businesses that are looking to optimize their telephone infrastructure.

What are the peculiarities of connecting DID numbers?

To connect DID numbers you just need to choose the desired geographical location, after which we will provide you with numbers, customize the phone system, select functional options, and possible integration with other systems. We will conduct testing and monitoring together with you, as well as provide regular maintenance and quality support from us.

How long does it take to set up DID numbers?

The time to set up DID numbers typically ranges from 30 minutes to several days, depending on individual business needs. The process includes the steps of registration, number acquisition, hardware and software setup, testing, and integration. Factors such as technical complexity and integration with other services may affect the duration of the process, and it is recommended to check this aspect with our technical specialists.

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