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Personalized instant communication with your customers. SMS mailing is an effective tool to grow your business.

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We work with 180+ countries and send messages to 1000+ operators. Communicate with your audience via SMS operator and any messengers.

Sending messages is an effective and simple tool for increasing business sales and improving service. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, you can inform customers about new promotions and products, congratulate them on a holiday, or propose a special offer.


new customers
increase in profits
increased loyalty of the customer base
unloading the sales department

Why does your business need SMS marketing?

Compared to other marketing tools, SMS marketing is one of the cheapest options.
Quick transfer of any information to an existing or future client. Full coverage of your target audience.
SMS campaigns are effectively used to announce promotions, and discounts, and disseminate information that attracts more customers and boosts sales.
Fast communication
Messages reach customers anywhere in the world as quickly as their telecommunications operator allows. This ensures prompt transmission of the necessary information.
You can customize messages for each customer, making them more relevant.
Statistics show that SMS messages are usually opened more often than emails, which increases the chances that your message will be read.
Does not require complex technical skills or specialized knowledge, so companies can create and send SMS campaigns quickly and easily.

Our SMS campaigns are designed for different business sectors, including:

Small and medium businesses
Малый и средний бизнес
Regardless of the industry, we help small and medium-sized businesses attract customers and increase profits with SMS advertising.
Large enterprises
Малый и средний бизнес
Our offer is also suitable for large companies that are looking for a way to keep in touch with customers and optimize their marketing strategy.

SMS marketing will be effective in particular:

  • Financial and insurance companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Retail trade
  • Entertainment sector
  • Hotel business
  • Restaurants and delivery services
  • IT business
  • Outsourcing companies
  • Marketing agencies

DID Global's international SMS campaigns provide you with:

  • The ability to use international alpha names to identify your newsletters.
  • Convenience of automated campaigns that will help you manage your customer communications effectively.
  • High delivery efficiency, as messages reach their target audience in 97% of cases.
  • The ability to use campaigns in any language for global communication with your customers.
  • Easy integration of our service with your software, which will simplify your work.
  • The ability to send messages using various protocols such as HTTP and SMPP, which makes our service more flexible and compatible with different systems.

Types of SMS campaigns


An innovative messaging technology that goes beyond regular SMS. RCS includes the ability to transfer files and multimedia content, send voice messages, create group chats, and much more. It is important to note that RCS is currently only available for Android devices.

Transactional SMS campaigns

Automated messages that are sent to customers after they make a payment, place an order or complete a transaction. It is a reliable way to remind customers of important events, provide real-time communication with them, and improve customer service.

Cascading campaigns

A combined strategy using different messengers, such as Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, and SMS, to ensure maximum reach of your audience. If the message is not delivered to one of the messengers, the customer will receive its analog in SMS.

Personalized SMS campaigns

An advanced method of interacting with your customers, where each message is created individually, taking into account the uniqueness and needs of each recipient. Such messages are more likely to be opened, which increases the overall sales of your business.

Checking the HLR number with a request

The process of checking the availability and status of a mobile number in real-time, allows you to ensure accurate SMS delivery and avoid wasting money on inactive subscribers.

Targeted SMS campaigns

Short advertising messages are directed to a specific base of potential customers. They are used to attract a new audience and notify those who have already interacted with your brand about new promotional offers.

Sending promotional SMS

A fast and effective way to get your offers and promotions to your target audience. Most customers purchase in the store after receiving a message.

Make your communication with customers more efficient and effective.

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How can SMS service help my business?

SMS service can provide your business with an effective tool for communicating with your customers. It allows you to send notifications about promotions, order confirmations, service status notifications, and other important information. The SMS mailing service is also used to conduct marketing campaigns, send promo codes, and draw attention to new products or events. This communication channel is effective and convenient for consumers, and its use can increase customer engagement, improve customer service, and promote a positive perception of your brand.

What are the peculiarities of SMS service connection?

Activating the SMS service involves several key steps. We provide access to your account to interact with the service. The next step is to configure the sender and get a short number or API key. After that, you customize the text of messages, define the target audience, and set the sending parameters. It is also important to research and consider the requirements and limitations of bulk SMS sending to ensure compliance with security and privacy standards around the world. Such a process allows you to connect your SMS service and use it for effective customer communication, marketing campaigns, and other business needs.

How long does it take to set up an SMS service?

SMS service installation time depends on specific requirements and the scope of work. Typical milestones include account registration, sender configuration, and setting key sending parameters. The process can take from an hour to several hours, taking into account security requirements and text message settings.

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