SIP Trunking for Business

What is sip telephony?
SIP telephony is a way of making digital calls or other type of communication using an internet connection.

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SIP telephony can completely replace analogue and standard telephone lines, as it allows making phone calls over the Internet to any mobile number via SIP phone, sending messages, using multimedia communication, such as voice and video calls.ย 

What kind of business will be useful for sip telephony?

Example of using SIP telephony

Legal and
consulting firms
Call management and confidentiality of client communications, call forwarding between employees.
Supermarkets and shopping centers
Informing visitors about promotions and events, automatic communication with the customer service department.
Companies with sales department
Direct communication with potential customers, integration with CRM to improve application processing and increase sales.
Processing of a great number of incoming and outgoing calls, automatic distribution of calls between operators.
International Business
Cost-effective international calls with partners and clients around the world.
Remote teams
Providing reliable communication between team members, regardless of their location.
Processing orders and placing orders from different platforms around the world.
IT support
Support and technical support for clients around the world.
Educational institutions
Distance learning and webinars, liaising with teachers and students.

These examples demonstrate that the SIP trunk is conveniently used for corporate communications and customer communication, enabling efficient operations in a variety of business sectors.

How SIP telephony works

1.Device registration

SIP clients (phones, computers with softphones) register with a SIP server (most often the SIP server of your VoIP service provider) by telling it their current IP addresses.

3. Establishing a connection

The SIP server processes the request and determines a route for the call, which may include forwarding through other SIP servers or connecting to the traditional telephone network via a SIP trunk.

2. Call

The user makes a call by entering a phone number or selecting a contact in their device.

4. Conversation

Once a connection is established, direct media (voice) exchange between devices over the Internet begins.

In what cases is it useful to buy a sip number?

If you own an online shop that delivers goods all over the country.

Buying local sip numbers for major cities allows your customers to call at a local rate, even if your head office is in another city. This creates a sense of local presence and increases customer confidence.

If you have a large staff and use call forwarding.ย 

With the help of a virtual PBX and SIP numbers you can set up automatic forwarding of client calls to the specialist who is most competent in the issue with which the client is dealing. This ensures more efficient and better service.

If you want to optimise internal logistics and communication

Using a unified system of SIP numbers allows you to organise efficient interaction between the office, couriers and clients, automatically directing calls to the right department or to a specific employee.

Your team works remotely.

SIP numbers allow you to use a single corporate number to communicate with clients and within your team, simplifying communication and co-operation, regardless of where your employees are located.

You own an international company.

Virtual SIP numbers in every country where the company operates make communication with the sales department and technical support convenient and accessible to customers around the world.

Why SIP telephony is a necessity for modern businesses:

DID Global provides communication channels to international destinations. If your business makes a lot of phone calls and requires additional lines, this is the most favorable solution for you. Especially if you operate in the international market.

Our team offers a complete SIP telephony solution, perfectly suited for both business and personal needs, with the following key features:


Geographical diversity:

Customers have access to numbers with codes of different cities, the expanding list of which allows to significantly reduce telephony costs.

Calling flexibility:

Making and receiving calls to local and international numbers using a headset or via a special application on mobile devices.

Cost savings:

Owners of IP numbers can make cheap calls over the Internet both within the country and abroad.

High quality sound:

Provided regardless of the user's location, as long as the user has access to the Internet.

Personalised approach:

Various SIP-telephony packages, including free calls between users and favourable tariff plans.

Unified telephone network:

Combine different devices and numbers into a single network to simplify internal and external communication.

Service customisation:

The ability to customise a variety of features to maximise the convenience and efficiency of communication.

Customisation according to needs and budget:

Each customer can choose the most suitable service package based on their unique requirements.

SIP telephony from DID Global is a powerful tool allowing to optimise telephone communications, improving availability and quality of communication while reducing costs.

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Quick answers to your questions

How can SIP Trunk help my business?

SIP Trunk (Session Initiation Protocol Trunk) can provide many benefits to your business, especially in the telephony industry. Using SIP Trunk allows voice and other traffic to be transported over the Internet, resulting in significant savings on telephony costs because traditional analog telephone infrastructure is not required. It also makes businesses more flexible, as SIP Trunk makes it easy to scale the number of lines, adapt to a company's changing needs, and expand service geographically. Additional benefits include high audio quality, the ability to integrate with other communications solutions, and increased reliability and redundancy in the event of failure, making SIP Trunk an effective tool for upgrading telephone infrastructure and optimizing costs in business.

How can SIP Trunk help my business?

Connecting a SIP trunk involves several key steps. Configuring hardware or software to support the SIP protocol is performed. After that, you configure metrics such as numbers and routing of traffic and perform testing to verify proper connectivity. An important aspect is also the security of the data transmitted through the SIP Trunk, it must be protected.

How long does it take to set up a SIP Trunk?

Typically, this process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The steps include software customizations, configuring settings, testing, and exploring security options. Time also depends on your training and understanding of the infrastructure requirements for optimal use of the SIP Trunk.

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