About Us

Over two years ago, our team entered the world of telecommunications with a mission to provide the best solutions to our partners to facilitate their growth and development by opening new markets for their business.

The world has no borders if you cooperate with DID Global

We decided to build an in-house team committed to implementing cutting-edge technologies and solving both standard and non-traditional operational challenges at the highest level.

Our formula for success: Best Technology + Best Team = High Quality Product.

Our mission is to increase profits and help businesses grow by providing quality and reliable telecommunication services worldwide. We believe that our work can change the lives of entrepreneurs and help them achieve greater success. During this time, we have partnered with more than 700 companies in 87 countries to help them achieve great results.

The most popular services ordered from us are IP telephony for delivery service, IP telephony for banks, business telephony for logistics companies, business telephony for IT companies, SIP telephony for banks, Spam Detector DID, etc. Our history is closely intertwined with the stories of our customers and we are proud to be a part of their success.

Why choose us


Business telephony from DID Global helps you save 60% of your budget by eliminating roaming charges. Trust levels increase when customers receive a call from a prestigious number in their home country.


We utilize a robust communications infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly. Virtual PBX for the sales department allows you to work smoothly and consistently.


With VoIP service, your company becomes as accessible to your customers as possible. You won't miss a single call from potential customers and won't lose money thanks to intelligent routing functions.


DID Global scales according to the size of your business and your business strategy. The result of working with us: rapid expansion, entry into new markets, more customers, and more profits."

Customer focus

Transparent pricing model: for a fixed user fee, you will get access to all features of our telecommunication services, calls, and SMS. This is the most favorable IP telephony offer for home and office.


You can monitor call quality in real-time and make informed decisions using our analytics to improve your business performance and implement new growth strategies.

Get a stable connection from anywhere in the world right now

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