VoIP call rates

VOIP telephony technology has revolutionized international phone calls, including communication between any country and the rest of the world. This service offers significant benefits, including cost savings and improved call quality.

You only need internet access from any device to make calls anywhere in the country. Virtual numbers allow your company to communicate with international partners and customers without restrictions.

What benefits a company gets when it implements VOIP telephony into its business model: 

  • Lower communication costs: VOIP significantly reduces the cost of long-distance and international calls compared to traditional communication methods.
  • Flexibility and mobility: VOIP users can make and receive calls from any device with internet access, ensuring communication regardless of location.
  • Lots of features: In addition to voice calls, VOIP offers video calling, voicemail, call forwarding, conferencing, and more at no additional cost.
  • Easy integration with other services: VOIP integrates easily with many business applications and services to improve workflows.
  • Scalability: VOIP systems scale easily, allowing you to add new users without significant cost or complexity.
  • Infrastructure savings: No need for a complex telephone infrastructure, just a stable Internet connection.
  • Security: Modern VOIP systems include advanced security features such as voice data encryption, and protecting the transmitted information.
  • Ease of management: VOIP has intuitive management interfaces, making it easy to configure and administer the system.


Compared to traditional telephone networks, VoIP offers significantly lower rates for long-distance and international calls by utilizing the Internet to transmit voice information. This is especially relevant for businesses looking to reduce their communication costs.

What does the cost depend on?

VoIP call rates vary depending on the provider and subscription plan. Some VoIP providers offer packages with a fixed number of minutes, while others may offer unlimited calls to certain countries. The price may also depend on the direction of the call and the type of number called (mobile or landline).

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  • What does the quality of the connection depend on?

It is important to note that the quality and stability of a VOIP connection may depend on the Internet connection. A high-speed and stable connection improves voice quality and minimizes delays or interruptions during a call.


VOIP telephony is a powerful tool that can radically transform the way businesses communicate, offering not only significant cost savings but also providing high-quality communications, flexibility, and versatility in use. Given the dependence of communication quality on the stability of the Internet connection, choosing a reliable provider and a suitable tariff plan becomes key to maximizing the effectiveness of business solutions. By incorporating VOIP into their infrastructure, companies open up new opportunities for growth and development, adapting to the ever-changing requirements of today's communications world.

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