What is PBX? How does it help the business?

When your business moves from startup to expansion, there is a need for reliable telephone connectivity for employee communication. In this context, Private Branch Exchange systems (virtual PBX) become a key solution for internal and external communication in a company. 

A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange system, offers communication capabilities through various channels while providing advanced features such as call transfer and voicemail. However, choosing a traditional PBX can lead to limitations due to equipment incompatibilities and vendor lock-in. In this era of technological innovation, virtual PBX offers a flexible and cost-effective solution by utilizing Internet protocol for call transfer. In this article, we explore how modern phone systems are transforming business communications, offering more versatile and scalable options for growing companies.

  1. What is ATC?
  2. Types of ATC
  3. Business benefits
  4. Conclusion

What is ATC?

An ATC (Automatic Telephone Exchange) or PBX (Private Branch eXchange) is a system designed to manage calls within an organization, providing each employee with an individual extension number. This allows internal calls and additional features such as voicemail without needing a private external number.

Previously, PBX systems required physical hardware to be installed in the office, but with the rise of VoIP technology, it is now possible to utilize PBX systems in the form of software hosted in the cloud. These cloud-based solutions offer customization flexibility, including call routing, grouping and queuing, interactive voice response (IVR) menus, as well as conferencing and voicemail management capabilities.

Types of ATC

Choosing the right system can have a significant impact on productivity and customer satisfaction. With the variety of solutions available on the market, you can find the best option to fit each organization's needs and budget.

PBX type



Perfect for...


The physical system requires equipment to be installed in the plant.

Full control over the system, high security.

Large organizations with established infrastructure.


Uses VoIP technology to transmit voice over the internet.

Reduced communication costs, and flexible integration with business applications.

Companies of all sizes, especially those with international business.


Provides the functionality of a traditional PBX for mobile devices.

Support high mobility of employees and integration with mobile devices.

Companies with highly mobile employees.

Types of PBXs by infrastructure:

PBX type



Perfect for...


A cloud PBX whose management and infrastructure reside on the provider's servers.

Minimal maintenance costs, and easy web-based management.

Businesses looking to minimize IT costs and provide flexibility to employees.

The PBX is in place

The system is installed and maintained directly at the company's office.

Full system control, high level of security, and integration with internal IT systems.

Large companies with high security and integration requirements.


Combines elements of cloud and on-premises PBX, offering the flexibility to utilize both internal and external telecommunications infrastructure.

Flexibility in the choice of technologies, the ability to migrate to VoIP in stages, taking advantage of both on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

Organizations in transition wish to combine the benefits of both approaches.

Business benefits

Economic benefits

  1. Reduced overall costs: Modernized phone systems reduce both upfront and operational costs, especially for long-distance and international calls, thanks to VoIP.
  2. Optimize resources: Using cloud and IP solutions saves on maintenance and infrastructure, reducing the need for additional investments.

Ease of Service

  1. Easy to manage: Centralized management via web-based interfaces makes system configuration and administration accessible even to novices.
  2. Rapid expansion: Adding new lines or users requires no physical intervention, accelerating business scaling.


  1. Work from anywhere in the world: Employees can connect to the system remotely, providing uninterrupted communication and access to corporate resources.
  2. Mobile device integration: Mobile applications allow you to fully utilize the system functionality from any device.

Mobility and flexibility

  1. Support for remote working: Systems provide a full range of communication tools for remote workers, facilitating flexible workflows.
  2. Unified communication environment: Integrating various forms of communication into a single platform simplifies collaboration within teams.

Functional Expansion

  1. Enhanced call center capabilities: Automating call management processes improves customer service efficiency.
  2. Multifunctional communications: The ability to utilize video, chat, and web conferencing in a single system improves employee collaboration.

Integration with business tools:

  1. Synchronization with CRM and cloud services: Provides centralized contact management and improves customer service.
  2. Versatility of use: Compatibility with a variety of software and hardware solutions expands business opportunities.

Innovative solutions:

  1. Cost-effective: Fixed annual cost provides significant cost savings.
  2. Scalability and flexibility: The software solution easily adapts to growing business needs, supporting flexible changes in the number of users.
  3. Communications Platform: Includes all the tools you need for effective communications, from video conferencing to integration with leading CRMs.


The adoption of modern phone systems such as cloud PBX opens up new horizons for businesses when it comes to communications. These systems not only offer significant cost savings and simplified service but also offer enhanced features to improve operational efficiency and customer service. 

Their flexibility, scalability, and accessibility from anywhere in the world make them an ideal choice for companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Ultimately, choosing the right phone system can transform workflows, helping your business grow and develop.

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